5 Muslim Nano-Influencers to Follow Today

WRITTEN BY FAISAL NAZIR |  Updated On Thursday, November 4, 2021 ;
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You must be wondering what on earth a Nano-influencer is?

We live in a world where so much emphasis is put on influencers who have hundreds of thousands or millions of followers, that often these individuals go under the radar.

Popularised by their high engagement rates, loyal followers and ability to yield influence on their micro, niche communities, they are increasingly being sought after by brands.

So what exactly is a nano influencer? While definitions are fluid, a Nano-influencer is usually described as something that has between 100-10,000 followers, who are closely engaged with their audience the way larger influencers may not be.

Below are five must-follow Nano influencers on Instagram who share their outlook on life, allowing us all to engage in positive conversations and truly make a difference in the world.

1. @Beardedpashtun

Fahd is a 23-year-old university student from the UK who runs the page @beardedpashtun.

He aims to stimulate conversation exploring potential solutions to the issues young Muslims face in the West and changing the way we deal with the problems we face.

His page is growing close to nearly 3000 followers and he is involved with many other Nano-influencers and influencers such as the likes of Prince Umi, Mustafa Briggs and Khaled Siddiq.

Fahd engages with his audience thoroughly with his Stories, opening up the ‘ask question’ feature and engaging with the ideas of his followers regarding religion and life.

These conversations stem from their doubts in faith, their perception of religion, social issues and so on.

Primarily, his focus is on unity, bringing back the love within religion, giving hope to people that God is all loving, something we often forget.

His Instagram posts explore a wide variety of personal anecdotes within his captions, paired with pictures taken from his travels to countries such as Senegal, Mauritania and Morocco.

Fahd’s (aka the BeardedPashtun) posts explore social issues such as marriage, breaking down cultural barriers that often leave young Muslims in the West torn between culture and religion.

His focus is on bringing back the light into the lives of individuals, giving us the ability to create simple solutions out of complex situations.

For example, allowing us to see Nikah as a religious union between two partners to please God opposed to what many of us grow up seeing it as four-five different functions and thousands of pounds of debt.

Moreover, he pushes social activism such as the situation of the homeless within the winter whilst also breaking down internal conflicts such as the ideas of masculinity.

The message of love is evident in all his posts, the connection between us and God and how one step at a time we can further ourselves and thus further humanity.

That through choosing love we spread love, we give love and we become love.

2. @Leannemohamad

Leanne Mohamad is a Palestinian public speaker and human rights activist raising awareness of the situation of her homeland.

Based in London, and aged just 18, she is regularly involved in activist work with her eloquent poetry and public speaking skills.

Her Instagram account is growing close to 6000 followers and over the last few years has really grown as she first started out by winning the ‘’Speak Out’ challenge, speaking about a free Palestine, setting the foundation for her growth.

For such a young age she has adventured upon an array of different opportunities, crossing the barrier between language and continent to deliver her message of peace and freedom.

During the summer of 2018, Leanne visited Lebanon to speak at the graduation of Syrian and Palestinian graduates, showing how an ordinary girl from London was making an extraordinary movement worldwide.

Her Instagram is always pouring with endless support and recognition from her followers who understand her outstanding achievement and ability to use her voice and platform to do good.

As an activist, she has been victim to online abuse however this has only made her grow stronger, more resilient in her goal as a Muslim, and most importantly a human, to spread good.

Every message she delivers pierces into the hearts of her audience, with her work serving a niche market and inspiring others to follow in her footsteps.

It is already hard within our society for someone of her demographic to make a mark in this world, but Leanne is breaking every stereotype, carving paths for future generations to follow.

With her still being at the start of her career, Leanne Mohamad can only grow further and further, beyond her international and national recognition to raise awareness and thus save lives.

Her Instagram page keeps you up to date with where she’ll be speaking and performing, along with continuous snippets of her work and inspiring posts to keep you fighting for what you believe in.


3. @Muhibrasheed

Muhib is the type of friend everyone needs in their life, he describes himself as a life coach and I see him as the reminder everyone needs but we don’t know where to look for it.

His Instagram is full of self-healing, reminders on how we can better our mental and spiritual states as humans and grow.

As humans, we are constantly in need of a helping hand and his words are a helping hand, allowing us to understand the feelings we feel and how to move on.

Muhib has been involved with other influencers such as Fahd, who was mentioned above and Momodou Taal (@thegambian).

His words are also expressed in the ‘Baraka Boys’ podcast he is involved with on YouTube, sharing his insight into life as a young Muslim in the West.

As a Nano-influencer he uses his close ties to show the value of friendship and brotherhood, and how collectively within a family one can cause  greater good.

Wisdom and hope are just a few things you will find on his page, with his intricate captions paired with matching photography, sparking both a visual and emotive response for his followers.

His interaction with his followers takes place through his story where he engages in debate and conversation regarding the self, for example, what limits us as humans and how we can see the best in ourselves.

Moreover, he is easily accessible via dm and offers advice and support, with his life coach programme being a breath of fresh air.

His Instagram page leaves you feeling content when you depart, as though you have discovered something new within yourself. They say you should be the change you wish to see in the world, and with Muhib we see ourselves as whole and beautiful, and through this, he’s helping us see the world in a new light too.

4. @Zeina_korayem

Zeina is a medical student who shares her experience of the world through her Instagram page, showcasing her incredible photography taken with just an iPhone.

As she states in her bio, her page is a little bit of everything, very quirky and interesting, taking her followers on a different path with every post.

Zeina’s page is the definition of social media, with her showcasing her friends and their amazing times together, documenting trips and adventures and taking her followers along with her.

Her pictures are heart-warming, showing the scenic skylines of Egypt, as well as it’s calming coast-lines and its storming streets, giving a vintage touch to all her posts.

Through her lens, we can see the beauty of God’s formation of the world.

Zeina’s page provides inspiration to people like myself, who are inspired by nature and the world to write poetry and seeing someone with so many creative ideas only stimulates your own.

The amazing thing about her Instagram is the variety of different things you’ll find in her posts, such as landscapes, food, fashion, friends and these are all decorated on her feed through different coloured themes.

So when you scroll down her page you see the changing of colours, almost like the changing of seasons as though her page has taken you on a journey.

Zeina is constantly interacting through her stories, arranged into different highlights that divide her page into themes such as ‘sky, lock screens and tutorials’.

Zeina just crossed 3500 followers and is also vocal on Twitter, spreading creativity across continents and showcasing the beautiful Middle East.

5. @Ahmed.chaudhry3

Ahmed Chaudhry is a social-business owner who founded @trendingnowfashiontour and @muslimcityfest as well as being involved with @paliroots.

An individual who is widely involved in a variety of different projects, helping to break stereotypes and making a social change for young creative Muslims.

Ahmed’s own Instagram page showcases what he gets up to behind the scenes, displaying his own creative ideas and thoughts as well as indulging in captions regarding real world issues.

Moreover, his pictures give us further insight into this passion for fashion, giving us a look into his outfits as he often advertises other social clothing brands that are trying to make a difference in the world.

Ahmed is helping other brands make their mark in the world, showing unity and togetherness, that through work for God there is no divide and that only through helping others do we help ourselves.

Ahmed’s other pages focus on popularising modest fashion (@trendingnowfashiontour), providing modest fashion inspiration for people across the world who aren’t interested in the immodest world.

Through this Ahmed also gives credit to other models, providing a platform that over 30,000 people can see as well as modelling himself.

Through this page and his other page, Ahmed has been involved with other influencers such as Khaled Siddique and Harris J as his Muslim City Fest displayed musical talents.

Ahmed’s individual page also gives us continuous life lessons into helping humanity, and how we can do good through means that aren’t necessarily seen as humanitarian work, that through expressing ourselves we can express love.


These Nano-influencers are constantly talking to their followers, making them a part of their page as much as themselves. Through this interaction, the follower feels welcomed, included in part of the greater picture of healing the world in different ways.

Some change our perception of the world we live in, others give us strength to fight for the life we want, which all allows us to see how greatness truly lies within.

So drop them a follow, see how their words and vision reflect your own and shape your belief and understanding and stay out on the look for the rise of many more Nano-influencers.

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