8 Top Tips by Leading Muslim Influencers on How to Be Successful

WRITTEN BY OMAR SHAHID |  Updated On Monday, July 9, 2018 ;


We all know that luck isn’t the only thing that gets you to the top. It takes motivation, hard work and a hack or two!

So we spoke to 8 leading Muslim Influencers in music, film, fashion, comedy and more to find out what their top pieces of advice would be for people starting out on an online content creation/public figure career.

Khaled Siddiq – The Entertainer


Be Consistent

My advice would be consistency. There are a lot of variables on the path to success and talent can only get you so far. But when you are consistent, your content doesn’t need to be the best because you’ll still build a following, you’ll build interest. If your content is high quality and original, that’s a bonus. You need to be consistent when things are going well but also when things aren’t going well. That’s what will get you to the top.

Mariah Idrissi – The Fashion Icon

Follow your Gut

Follow your instincts. Sometimes as young people we uphold opinions of people who have never walked in our shoes but take on what they say when we know deep down it’s not right for us. Follow your gut in decision making. Don’t lose focus on the goal and don’t be distracted by things that you think are opportunities, but are really just distractions. Focus on being the best you. There’s no such thing as competition when you compete with only yourself.

Issam Bayan – the Vocalist

Set Your Intention Towards a Clear Goal

When people see you have lots of followers, people assume that equals success. Fame doesn’t equal success. When you are famous, it doesn’t necessarily make you happy. You should never expect happiness from likes and followers.
Your intention should be clear. Why do you want to share your life to the world? Why be an influencer?
Along the way people will try and change you, and change your plans. Be yourself and never lose sight of the goal. It’s better not to become an Influencer than not be yourself.

Naeem Raza – The Businessman

You Can Learn From Everyone and Everything

In the long run, your mistakes can be lessons for other people. I’ve been fortunate to learn these lessons and turn them into positives. Learn from your elders and be prepared to listen.

Ali Official – Content Creator King

Educate Yourself

Take a week off social media and dedicate that entire week to NOTHING but studying your craft.

• Understand your creative industry and how it’s broken down.

• Research the business side and how you can monetise your skills.

• Familiarise yourself with organisations, contacts, networks, key individuals within your sector.

• Research the careers of those you look up to in your field, how did they begin? What did they do? How did they overcome their struggles? The beauty of social media is that you can scroll right down to someone’s first post and see theirs come up.

Watch every interview online. Find articles. Read books. Google things. Go to talks. Speak to whoever you have access to that can potentially educate you.
After that week of solid research. When you come back on social media, your creative energy will have more clarity. Your actions will have more strategic focus. Your work ethic will improve and your hustle game will be stronger.

Mizz Nina – Malaysian Superstar

Support Others

Being an Influencer, we have a big responsibility. Whatever we do, people look and follow us. Sometimes I feel like I doubt myself. But we need to support each other. Don’t judge and bring anyone down.

Omar Suleiman – The Scholar

Disconnect, Appreciate Your Original Friends and Honour Your Platform

1. There is the term of self-care which means so much more in the Sunnah. How did the Prophet (pbuh) manage being the most public figure but also be a husband that takes care of details. The prophet paid attention to whatever he was doing at that time. When he went home he did not maintain a connection to anyone else outside his home. He would stay with his family.

2. One of the greatest consequences of being a celebrity is loneliness. You don’t have a personal connection with people anymore. The way you keep yourself grounded is to maintain connection with those who loved you before. Don’t underestimate the value of those connections from people who loved you before and will love you after.

3. Don’t underestimate the benefit of your platform and what you represent to other people who are looking up to you as role models. The prophet told us not to belittle our sins or good deeds.

Ala Hamdan – The Filmmaker

Ala Hamdan - Filmaker - MIN - The Leading Muslim Influencer Network - www.wearemin.co

Content is King

I would vote for content. A lot of followers on Instagram are looking for colourful content. Everyone has a good camera and good editing apps. Therefore the content must be original. Whether cooking, motherhood or travelling, as long as your audience feel they are finding your platform useful and are benefitting they will come back. People love advice and stories, it may take you longer to create but they will respect your content and respect you because they will know how much time you dedicated to providing them with the content. Don’t forget, every now and again ask them how they feel, it’s not just about you. You are sharing your thoughts with them.

As these Influencers have made clear, making it to the top isn’t impossible – but it does require certain key ingredients. We love that it’s a mix of theoretical advice such as solidifying your intention as well as practical tips like being consistent that everyone can follow.

Which piece of advice did you find most useful? Comment below!

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