9 Stunning Feeds by Muslim Influencers You Need In Your Life

WRITTEN BY OMAR SHAHID |  Updated On Thursday, December 13, 2018 ;
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If I might say, one of the things I’m most disappointed about in the Muslim Influencer scene is the relatively small amount of accounts that have stunning curated feeds.

We really need to step up our game.

But all hope is not lost! The 7 accounts I’ve selected below (and there are more!), exhibit a type of style, eye for what looks visually appealing and colour palettes, that make us, at M.I.N, super proud.

Instagram, after all, is a visual platform, and pages that are aesthetically pleasing always do better.

Not only that, but your better your page looks, the more likely you are to open yourself up to brand deals.

1. @Eslimah

Meet Eileen, an Estonian Muslim who was voted @Grazia Qatar’s Influencer of the year 2018. With one of the most stunning feeds you’ll see, @Eslimah shows her beautiful travel photos from across the world, encourages us to be with nature and inspires her women about faith.


@Eslimah shows her beautiful travel photos from across the world, encourages us to be with nature and inspires her women about faith.


2. @AbsolutelyKhoula

Khaoula combines creativity and a careful eye for detail in her beautifully curated lifestyle page.

With inspiring moments of travel as well the modest fashion found on her feed, she’s one of the most engaging female Muslim Influencers in Europe. She also took part in our highly successful campaign for with MyTenNights!

3. @ShaistaDeen

A Muslim photographer you NEED to know about.

Shaista Deen is UK-based Fashion Marketing and Management student who hails from Trinidad.  


In 2018 she was featured on @Instagram’s page for her photography, while in 2017 she was featured in Vogue Arabia.

Shaista recently took part in our hugely successful campaign with Human Care Syria, along with other Influencers from across the world.

4. @Shazaira

An Influencer nomad…

Saira is a travel and lifestyle Influencer based in Dubai who travels the world, from Jamaica to Nepal, London to Korea.

Hailing from Toronto, she has a beautifully curated feed, showing luscious beaches, wild deserts and bustling cities, and she always seems to wear a smile.


5. @SukainaRajabali

Ever heard of @sukainarajabali?

Giving up her career as an optometrist to pursue her passion, Dubai based food photographer, Sukaina, whose style has graced a long list of best-selling books and popular magazines is an Influencer you must follow!

Being a cancer survivor, Sukaina has fought many battles but has come out on top and has been named as one of only seven award-winning photographers in the Middle East.

6. @Blvckgraph

Blvkgraph is run by another impressive Influencer, Sister in Black who herself has another stunning page.

Sister in Black is one of the more unique Influencers in the UK…for obvious reasons 🙂

The super cool, Niqabi photographer came to our Influencer meet up in 2017 and has taken part in some of our campaigns, including with The Southbank Centre and the National Zakat Foundation.


7. @HappilyAmira

Amira is a Moroccan-Tunisian living between Paris and Casablanca.


A trained mechanical engineer, with fashion as her passion her lovely feed shows her travels, moments with family and now her journey being pregnant 🙂


8. @QesAhmed

I must say, congratulations to Qes for being the only male on this line up.

Qes is a Birmingham-based film-maker and photographer and has come a long way since starting his career in 2017.  His feed is a combination of his impressive short films, wonderfully edited, as well as unique photos from his travels.

You must, must, must give all of these pages a follow today!

With only one guy in this line up, it seems male Muslim Influencers are lagging behind!


9. @Aisyahshakirah

Aisyah is a Malaysian visual artist who was recently awarded the 2018 IGF Ambassador to the Internet Governance Forum at UNESCO Paris.

Her page details her travels to places from New Zealand, Netherlands, Indonesia, Belgium and more.

With a background in Law, and having previously lived in the UK, she has exhibited her work at various art exhibitions and galleries across the world.


Comment below who your favourite Instagram feeds are by!

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