How to Know if an Influencer Marketing Agency is Right For You? Part 5: They Educate You on The Typical Campaign Steps

WRITTEN BY SAIFUL ISLAM |  Updated On Tuesday, February 19, 2019 ;
5 Minutes

It’s simple – more and more businesses are increasing their Influencer Marketing budget because ‘it works.’

Yet despite this, Marketers, in fact, almost 80% of them, struggle to measure ROI.

In particular, major mistakes are being made by the world’s leading companies when it comes to choosing their Influencer Agency partner.

So how can you protect yourself from all of this?

In part 5 below, I discuss the most common errors that I’ve seen others make, and what they could have done to avoid them.

Here is part 5 of the mistakes you need to avoid to be able to get the most out of your Influencer Marketing campaign.

(If you’re looking for part 4 of the series, you can find it by clicking here!).

Part 5: They Educate You on The Typical Campaign Steps

Okay, so you’re in the door of one of the biggest Influencer Marketing agencies in the world.

You’ve not been scared off by their pricing and the tea they provided has the perfect amount of semi-skimmed milk and sweetness. Even the biscuits were good – heck they were rich tea so how could they not be!

Everything is going fine until the talk about their campaign and their plans for you and the engagement they hope to create for you.

During this, one thing just can’t escape your mind… “What on earth will your supposed campaign even entail?!”

A good agency, before you can even begin to think about dipping that quintessential British classic to create your own soggy biscuit, would have begun the conversation by walking you through what a typical campaign with them looks like.

(Who doesn’t love a good rich tea biscuit?)

They’d tell you how your campaign would entail things like a project initiation to developing a bespoke strategy just for you.

They’d comfort you by advising how that strategy would actually measure your campaign goals – whether they are going to create brand impressions or develop a campaign that is return on investment focused.

They’d educate you as to how influencers would be screened before selected and provided to you to further vet; in order to ensure the perfect brand match happens.

And after the step of sharing the Influencer brief with you and executing the campaign for you, they’d bring you peace by letting you know exactly what went on in the campaign – by reporting on the successes and delving into the results of it too.

Because that’s what a good agency does.

It enlightens you and ensures that when you leave their offices, you’re left feeling you wouldn’t want anyone else to do your Influencer Marketing campaigns anymore.

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