How to Know if an Influencer Marketing Agency is Right For You? Part 6: They Ask What Else You Are Doing Online!

WRITTEN BY SAIFUL ISLAM |  Updated On Tuesday, October 8, 2019 ;
5 Minutes

It’s simple – more and more businesses are increasing their Influencer Marketing budget because ‘it works.’

Yet despite this, Marketers, in fact, almost 80% of them, struggle to measure ROI.

In particular, major mistakes are being made by the world’s leading companies when it comes to choosing their Influencer Agency partner.

So how can you protect yourself from all of this?

In part 6 below, I discuss the most common errors that I’ve seen others make, and what they could have done to avoid them.

Here is part 6 of the mistakes you need to avoid to be able to get the most out of your Influencer Marketing campaign.

(If you’re looking for part 5 of the series, you can find it by clicking here!).

Part 6: Your Influencer Marketing Agency Partner Asks You What Else You Are Doing Online!

An Influencer marketing campaign is often just one part of a holistic marketing strategy for our clients.

So it’s important the Influencer Marketing Agency you chose to work with asks you what other touchpoints you will be aiming to reach customers through.

That could be a targeted Facebook ad campaign.

Or a PPC campaign with Google.

The more information the Influencer Marketing Agency tries to extract from you, the better the results and strategy they can develop off the back of it.

Also, this will help any retargeting strategy you may have – as well as attribution.

For example, an Influencer may share a link to your product via their Instagram story.

A person clicks on that link and lands on a landing page on your website yet doesn’t make a purchase.

If you have the correct Facebook tags installed, you can then place ads targeting the person who just visited your website with the idea of capturing them as a customer.

And if your business is set up where first touch attribution is assigned to revenue generated, you will then be able to determine if your Influencer Marketing campaign was effective if the customer then goes on to make a purchase.

However, you may not be running an always-on Facebook campaign, so the Influencer might post and you may not be showcasing ads to customers through Facebook on that day.

Therefore there may be potential revenue lost because you simply didn’t retarget to people.

So this will tell you how to then amend your strategy because you have seen a particular time of day works, or a combination of social platforms and marketing channels combine to deliver great results.

This is why it’s essential your Influencer Marketing Agency partner asks you what else is happening for your brand online at the time of your Influencer Marketing campaign – it should mean they tailor their strategy around your other channels to maximise results.

Having this approach gives not only the agency the chance to deliver exceptional results, but also allows you as an organisation to gauge the best combinations for your marketing efforts – insights that will prove to be the foundations for crucial future growth.

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