Muslim Food consumption habits in Ramadan 2021

WRITTEN BY OMAR SHAHID |  Updated On Wednesday, January 27, 2021 ;
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Ramadan is the spiritual month for Muslims but food often takes centre stage.

In the holy month, Muslims fast from dawn until dusk, in other words during daylight hours food is forbidden.

Unless of course, you have a valid reason like you’re sick, a traveler, pregnant or meet other religiously mandated conditions.

Ramadan 2021 – food and digital

Here are 5 things about food in Ramadan you should know:

1. During the first two weeks, there are spikes in search queries for ‘Ramadan recipes’ like lentil soup. Your Ramadan digital activity must start early to capture the market.

2. Dessert recipe searches on YouTube grow twice as fast as cooking recipes during Ramadan.

3. Men like to cook, too: While both men and women consume more food content during Ramadan, men’s interest in food grows by 70% vs 44% for women on YouTube.

4. Restaurant fare: Food also shifts focus. While the first two weeks are all about cooking at home, the last two weeks are all about going out. There is an increase in searches for iftar buffets and themed suhoors.

5. Cooking reviews: Consumers start looking for inspiration to manage cooking large meals at home, often on a daily basis. For example, research shows a 164% spike during this season for small kitchen appliance reviews on YouTube.

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Brands can optimize here by ensuring they provide enough information readily when searched, including opening hours, menus and cuisine types.

Ramadan 2021 will be the second strange Ramadan for Muslims and brands will need to focus on digital. 

Habits drastically change in Ramadan but even more so in a Pandemic. 

If you’d like to run a Ramadan 2021 campaign, get in touch.

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