Ramadan 2021: How to capture the Muslim market through digital

WRITTEN BY OMAR SHAHID |  Updated On Tuesday, January 19, 2021 ;
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This will probably be another strange Ramadan, with millions of Muslims in lockdown. 

But this presents incredible opportunities for brands as the internet and mobile consumption will be higher than ever.

Brands that really get it right will capture a whole new audience and create loyal customers. 

Why should you know about Ramadan this year?

Ramadan is the most sacred month for Muslims. 

It’s a time of togetherness, food, prayer but consumption habits also massively change. 

In Ramadan, brands from Anchor Butter, Canva, the UN, the NHS, McDonald’s, Coke and others all create dedicated Ramadan strategies. 

With Ramadan 2021 almost here, these are 15 things you should know about the month:

15 things to know about Ramadan 2021:

1. There are almost 2 billion observers across 30 days

2. Fasting is between dawn until dusk, 11-20 hours of fasting depending on the region you live in

3. There is a shared experience of hunger, eating at the same time and praying at the same time.

4. Online retail sales go up by 29%

5. 61% of UK people who shop during Ramadan plan their purchases at least three weeks before the start of Ramadan

6. There’s a 50% spike in search for food recipes and food websites

7. 54% of Ramadan observers say their favourite method for brands to approach them      is via FB platforms

8. There’s a +7pt higher brand recall for ads featuring Ramadan values (family, coming together) compared with ads featuring generic cues

9. Brands should foster meaningful connections with mobile-best creative

10. Brands can capture that through feel-good stories, family fun and entertainment with a high emotive value

11. There a high propensity to give attention to brands that tell the story right

12. Brands should focus on community, reflection and togetherness

13. Conversations about ‘goodness’ peak – it’s always a win.

14. More time is spent on video viewership, as well as late-night shopping, with a focus  on fashion

15. During this month there’s much higher ad recall within the Muslim community when they are reflected in a campaign.

[Research from Campaign Live]

Ramadan is a month brands can’t afford to miss out on. 

Will you be running a Ramadan campaign this year?

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