What Do You Do When Disaster Strikes?

WRITTEN BY SAIFUL ISLAM | HEAD OF STORYTELLING AT MIN |  Updated On Tuesday, February 27, 2018 ;
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On Saturday,  M.I.N held its second Muslim Influencer Meet-Up.

We brought together the leading Muslim Influencers across Modest Fashion, music, food and comedy in what was a celebration of the talent that exists at the forefront of the Muslim Influencer industry.

The beautiful thing with reflecting back on something is that you get to think about the journey – and almost relive all the emotions felt that come with it.

For everyone who attended, from GitaSav (who has over half a million Instagram followers) to HarrisJ (with over 1 million on Facebook alone), the event was a great success.

But so many didn’t see the struggle in getting there.

3 days prior to the event our long-standing catering partners advised us they could no longer provide their services.

2 days before the event, the company we had agreed with to provide decor, regretfully told us they could no longer participate as well.

1 day before, our guest speakers advised us that the due to a family emergency, they could no longer speak at the event.

And finally, in the morning of the event, our entertainment also pulled out.

It really was a disaster.

The 3 days leading to the event were filled with disappointments, knockbacks and struggles that you couldn’t have foreseen.

But when you’re a business owner you always have two options – either let the setbacks define you and consign yourself to defeat, or let the fear of failure motivate you to hustle – and make things happen.

And that’s what I and my business partner Omar Shahid did.

We made telephone calls. And some more. And throw a heck of a lot more calls on top of that.

We searched from Instagram to online to find caterers who could still stay within budget but provide fresh and ‘Instagram worthy’ food.

And we improvised. Boy did we improvise.

From doing our own decor (God bless the inventor of lettered balloons) to bringing together our own plates of nibbles.

Because when it’s your own business that’s what you have to do.

You have to go that extra mile to make things happen.

Because if you won’t, who will?

M.I.N was created to ‘Empower the Influencers of Today to Better the Society of Tomorrow’.

And our event on Saturday was put together to raise awareness, through the Influencers, of mental well being and depression, which are particularly taboo subjects within the Islamic sphere – so that we can take a stand together to do something about it.

By the end of Saturday, we really felt that another step had been taken to achieving this.

A great lesson we learnt was that you can always plan for a situation – but sometimes life can decide to decree something else for you.

But the greatest lesson we learnt was that only through the struggles that life brings, do we get to taste the sweetness of what we are striving to do.

And that a disaster, after all, can be something beautiful.

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