Canva wanted to increase awareness of Canva Pro in Indonesia and ultimately increase sign-ups. Working with Indonesian Influencers the campaign centred around people sharing Eid cards with their friends and family around the time of Eid.

The Challenge

Canva were new to the Indonesia market and have never launched an Influencer campaign there before, so it was critical they got the messaging right to stand the best chance of winning the hearts of this new audience.

The Solution

The campaign centered around personal stories shared by the Influencers with their followers to build an authentic narrative around why Canva is important during this time of global uncertainty – and a time when many family and friends were disconnected from each other.

The Campaign hashtags were #PakaiCanvaDiHariRaya(translated to “Use Canva this Eid”) and #CanvaEid. Captions and hashtags were created in Indonesian to really connect with the target audience and ensure there were no language barriers when it came to putting across the campaign message.


The campaign was designed to connect people with their family, friends, or loved ones whilst in lockdown due to coronavirus.
The campaign followed 3 steps:

Step 1 – Creating a sense of nostalgia by sharing an old picture with family or loved ones.

Step 2 – Creating a story with a recent image with family or loved ones.

Step 3 – Connecting steps 1 & 2 by using the image from Step 2 and making it into an Eid Card using

Canva to show their appreciation to the family or loved ones.


The Influencers

We called upon Indonesia’s leading Influencers to gain the reach, engagement and downloads Canva desired. The Influencers came from tech, fashion, lifestyle and beauty backgrounds Рwe diversified the campaign to create authenticity.

Success Strategy

After sharing their stories Influencers encouraged their followers to do the same, by signing up to Canva to create their own Eid cards to share with their families.

Influencers then utilised Instagram stories to highlight the additional benefits of Canva Pro compared to the free account and that it was available for a 30-day free trial.

To provide an additional incentive, followers were given the chance to enter a competition and win a 12-month Canva Pro membership.

To be entered into the draw followers would be required to share their own Eid card designs with the best ones being given the free account.

The Results

The campaign far exceeded the expected results, generating great reach, engagement and positive sentiment through an emotion-led, personal campaign.

The Influencers were also happy to post extra pieces of content, more than what was originally agreed, as they were so enthusiastic about the campaign.

2 Million

Campaign Reach

2.5 Million

Campaign Impressions

1.2 Million

Campaign views


Campaign engagements