11 of the world's leading Muslim Influencers, with a combined following of over 2.7 million, were selected to educate their audiences of that they no longer had to manually schedule their donations across the last ten nights of the month of Ramadan.


Over $ 100 million pounds in charitable donations is given in the month of Ramadan in the UK alone - a month where people of the Islamic faith around the world undertake fasting to showcase their commitment to their creator.

Due to charitable giving being closely tied to spiritual rewards, many chose to give their donations during the last ten nights of Ramadan - the nights where spiritual rewards are at their highest, with a particular focus on targeting the 27th Night, a night seen as having the highest spiritual reward.

However, with busy lifestyles and the human tendency of forgetfulness being in place, many forget to make their donations to help less fortunate people around the world.

But despite this incredible technology being in place, many of their target audience just didn't know the platform existed.

The  Solution

We carefully selected 15 of the leading Muslim Influencers, from British South Asian & Afro-Caribbean backgrounds, to match the target markets of Rubicon's customer base - with the Influencers required to produce authentic content that they then shared across their social feeds; including Facebook, Youtube and Instagram.


The Influencers were given the freedom to produce content they believed would resonate strongly with their audiences - with MIN providing direction on the core messaging for the Influencer Marketing campaign. This combination of creativity from the Influencers and industry know-how from MIN resulted in highly engaging, unique and viral content through real life moments of their lives that communicated the key message Rubicon needed their target audience to know.

The Results

The campaign over-delivered on the impressions target, delivering over 2.5 million (and counting) in just over 2 weeks.

With 1.2 million impressions created in just over 24 hours.

The Influencers were also happy to post extra pieces of content, more than what was originally agreed, as they were so enthusiastic about the campaign.

The content was well received by audiences, creating huge awareness of the new Rubicon range - generating tonnes of positive social chatter too.


Campaign impressions (and counting).


Additional pieces of content were produced.


People were reached through Instagram alone.

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