Having run Primark’s first Influencer Modest campaign, we were tasked to launch their second Modest range utilising key British Muslim Influencers.


Whilst other household brands have launched their own modest fashion lines, Primark is one of the few to launch a second line to stay connected with this ever growing market.

The campaign hashtag #ModestMyWay was created to open the conversation for people to discuss how they represent modesty.

Whilst reflecting on the topic of modesty, the campaign also needed to be sensitive to the global pandemic at the same time. Dressing up in the latest additions to your wardrobe normally coincides with going out to see family and friends. But Covid-19 has created a whole new idea of dressing up, whether it’s for an online quiz with your family or a Zoom meeting for work.


In this campaign we introduced the concept of #ModestMyWay.

A term to open a discussion. To give people a platform to share their interpretation of what it means to be modest no matter what your faith or skin colour.

#ModestMyWay was inclusive of all and highlighted our subtle differences as people.


This campaign was all about authenticity.

#ModestMyWay ensured that audiences were able to dictate their own journey and ways of expressing themselves. From new mothers who wanted a choice of clothing to help them gain confidence to young women searching for an alternative to ‘Instagram beauty’ the campaign gave them a choice and empowered them to be comfortable with their identity.


Having data from our first campaign, we chose some of the best performing Influencers, as well as others who were a great brand and campaign fit. These included Influencers showing their role as mothers, at work and socialising.

The Results

As with the first campaign, the second was a success with audiences being reached across the UK. The Influencers’ comments section was flooded with people expressing how happy they were for this new Modest line and that they’d soon be going in store to purchase the clothes.

750 K

Campaign Impressions

20 K

Campaign Likes

425 K

Campaign video views