Rubicon Influencer Marketing Campaign:

15 Influencers of different backgrounds and talents were selected to educate millions of social media users that the favourite household drink, Rubicon Mango, now comes in different sugar level options.


The Influencers were given the freedom to produce content they believed would resonate strongly with their audiences – with MIN providing direction on the core messaging for the Influencer Marketing campaign. This combination of creativity from the Influencers and industry know-how from MIN resulted in highly engaging, unique and viral content through real life moments of their lives that communicated the key message Rubicon needed their target audience to know.

Attention To Detail

Our campaign was meticulously devised. We first had the Influencers come together to meet Rubicon in a private location, where they were officially introduced to the new drink range, briefed about the campaign, which created a greater brand affinity. They were then sent a hamper with the new range of drinks and a personalised message before the campaign, a sweet touch which always helps. We then followed up with emails and phone calls to further advise them about best practices when it comes to Influencer marketing. Finally, we carefully tracked the analytics of the entire campaign through our reporting software and presented the results to Rubicon in our debrief.

The Results

The campaign over-delivered on the impressions target, delivering over 2.5 million (and counting) in just over 2 weeks.

With 1.2 million impressions created in just over 24 hours.

The Influencers were also happy to post extra pieces of content, more than what was originally agreed, as they were so enthusiastic about the campaign.

The content was well received by audiences, creating huge awareness of the new Rubicon range – generating tonnes of positive social chatter too.


Campaign impressions (and counting).


Additional pieces of content were produced.


People were reached through Instagram alone.

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