University of Manchester

University of Manchester

The University of Manchester, from the Russell Group, wanted to highlight its ‘Skin Ageing and Aesthetic Medicine PG Cert’ and the benefits of being able to obtain the qualification via online learning.


With fewer people going to university today, coupled with the onset of Covid-19, universities are struggling to convince potential students to join their courses, in particular from ethnic minority backgrounds.

For this campaign to succeed, we had to overcome multiple challenges and present the course as important for individuals and society.

The Solution

The course is designed to be flexible to fit around the individuals’ working life. And we wanted to champion that. So we brought together various Influencers, from those with medical backgrounds to creatives with a keen interest in beauty and cosmetics from all around the world.

The course is an online course, with the ambition to raise the standards of the aesthetics sector as a whole. With a number of practitioners delivering invasive treatment without the qualifications needed, we wanted to ensure the course was seen to provide solutions to the ills of the industry.

The Execution

We first ensured the Influencers had a comprehensive understanding of the problems involved with the aesthetics industry and botch jobs so that they could deliver relatable, meaningful content.

We asked the chosen Influencers to create a mix of video and static content about this emotive-led topic and then used unique links in their Instagram Stories to drive traffic to the university website.

Through creating engaging content, we raised huge awareness of the course.

The Influencers

The Influencers were a mix of professionals with medical degrees to lifestyle and beauty Influencers who audiences looked to for advice when it came to beauty advice. Combined there was a strong combination of reach and validation for the campaign.

The Results

The results far surpassed what the University of Manchester were expecting.

Due to the Influencers having highly engaged audiences we managed to create mass awareness of the course and many even expressed interest in signing up too.

The content was well received with some from the audience expressing how important this course is and how the lack of regulation in the aesthetics industry has personally impacted them.

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